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Six-Figure Showdown – Community Hub

What Is The Community Spolight?

The Community Spotlight is an interview series designed exclusively for StartupBros community members.

Winners are nominated within the private group and are selected by vote.

So each month we’ll be honoring those of you who are taking action & making breakthroughs with prizes and opportunities to tell your story!


Community Spotlight All-Stars

.Will your face appear in the Spotlight next?

Dr. Ben



This Month’s
Grand Prize Package:


Live GSD Power Hour Interview
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Forever Featured In Winner’s Circle
Priceless 🙂


1-Year Free Account
$924 Value

Viral Launch

Free Product Launch
$400 Value


Free Product Launch
$350 Value

Virtuous Graphics

Free Service Credits
$250 Value


Free Worker Credits
$100 Value

AMZ Stellar

Free Service Credits
$50 Value

Total Prize Value: Over $2,074